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Quick Update and New Weekly!

on August 28, 2012

Ahh, Real life encroaches! We have a house guest coming to visit and had to clean out the storage guest room.

We also had to patch a door after trying to shove a piece of furniture through it. What did we use? Self-stick floor tile. It actually doesn’t look that bad! Maybe I’ll finish the whole door that way in a neat design.

I’ve been thinking of starting a new weekly article, talking about things I think are neat, things that are handy, or things that serve multiple purposes.

Anyway, I would like some ideas on what I should call the weekly.


Nifty Weekly

Please comment and let me know what you’d prefer or if you have a better idea!

Also, I finally have a Facebook page!


You can find me on Twitter, too!


Internet exposure Kitaaaaa!


3 responses to “Quick Update and New Weekly!

  1. happyuan says:

    I started Facebook as soon as I read this post. LOL

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