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Spadoinkle! Weekly: Portable Chopsticks & Silverware

on September 2, 2012

Okay, I have chosen my Weekly Review name: Shpadoinkle!

What does Shpadoinkle mean? If you didn’t follow the links, it is a made-up word that can basically mean something that is nice or pleasant.

“Wow, you have a Shpadoinkle blog!”

For my first Shpadoinkle, I will be reviewing an eBay purchase, a set of stainless steel collapsible chopsticks, fork and spoon with case.

Here you can see the chopsticks collapsed and assembled.

When I first saw this, I thought it was so neat! You can find these sets on eBay for $2.00 if you look carefully and don’t mind waiting for the shipping from China. I’ve also seen them at my local Asian market for $4.00. Some other designs can be found as well if you look around on eBay, Amazon, etc. When I ordered mine, there was no color selection, but I’m happy that I received silver as it’s what I wanted. For those looking to buy wholesale, try Alibaba.

The case is plastic and looks like a case for slim reading glasses. The lid slides off easily but stays in place. This is something that can fit into a purse, backpack or lunch bag easily. It’s probably a bit long for some small bags, but it needs room for the chopsticks and utensils.

Here you can see the actual size with a ruler.

Normally I don’t like metal chopsticks because they tend to be too slippery. However, these have a textured tip for helping grab food. When assembled, they’re nice and long. They fit comfortably in my hand and the joint isn’t too obvious. They screw together firmly and unscrew easily.

The fork and spoon… are VERY SMALL! I would not try drinking soup with the spoon, but it can help with items a fork can’t grab easily like yogurt or jelly. The fork is only 3 prongs and skinny, which is good for piercing but not for scooping. If you have big hands or are really hungry, these aren’t really that useful. For me, they’ll be great when using chopsticks isn’t appropriate and I can’t locate other utensils.

When putting the whole thing together, I have to be careful. If I don’t line up the fork and spoon correctly, the lid won’t fit. I accidentally dented my spoon trying. After use, the case can be a problem because the whole thing needs washing to remove food residue. Unless you want to wash your silverware after eating, it’s probably not that convenient.

Here you can see how it all fits.

I’ve been able to fit a different, small spoon in the case, but I would need an equally small fork to match it. I think some baby utensils might fit, but I don’t have any around to try. If just using the spoon and fork, wrapping a napkin around them would be a nice touch and would help avoid a messy case after eating.

All in all, I am happy with my purchase but I may not use it as often as I hoped. Definitely worth $2. If I had paid more, I might not be as satisfied.

Overall Score:

3 out of 5 Baked Potatoes. Shpadoinkle!

Warm Baked Potatoes!

P.S. Props for those who got the references without clicking the links!


2 responses to “Spadoinkle! Weekly: Portable Chopsticks & Silverware

  1. kiisu23 says:

    I’ve wanted some collapsible chopsticks for so long and yet I didnt think of eBay :/
    Thankyou for the great review!

    I don’t think I would take the spoon and fork along but then again I might lol who knows!

  2. C Ohara says:

    Right on! Reusable chopsticks rule! I don’t like using those wooden ones at Japanese restaurants…. the wood feels weird in my mouth, PLUS it’s all full of preservatives and bad for me and PLUS you can only throw them away after you’ve used them so they’re bad for the earth!

    I had a plastic pair of collapsible chopsticks. They didn’t last too long though (cheap plastic). I’m sure the metal ones rock! I love using metal chopsticks at Korean places.

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