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Eating My Mistakes: Volcano Buns

on September 19, 2012

Sorry if today’s post is short… My last year of University starts next week, plus our House Guest is still visiting. Lots to do, plenty of distractions!

Yesterday, I found some fresh herbed pizza dough on sale. Seizing the opportunity (and the dough), I came home to make lovely filled buns. (tomato sauce and cheese, ham and cheese.)

Filling Explosion!

Unfortunately, the buns didn’t come out quite so lovely.

Mistake 1: Not properly letting the dough rest before making buns. Any yeasty dough needs time to rest before it’s used. The package said wait 30 minutes after removing from the fridge before handling. I got impatient and waited 15.

Mistake 2: Pulling the dough too thin in the middle. I’ve made plenty of stuffed buns before, but apparently this dough didn’t have the consistency I’m used to, hence the explosion.

I think the herbs affected the elasticity of the dough as well as the fact it was on sale and perhaps had not aged well in the store cooler. I’ve used plain dough from the same source when it was on sale, so maybe it was just me.

Anyway, in spite of their loss of fillings, the buns still came out nice and yummy, so this time, eating my mistake wasn’t a punishment.


3 responses to “Eating My Mistakes: Volcano Buns

  1. g0ddamn1t says:

    Nah its the best when they seep out the side, ever eat pizza rolls as a kid? :P Crispy cookie-sheet pizza is the bomb. Looks good tho!

  2. I think they look really delicious! I love the crispy bubbly cheese as much as the melted cheese inside.

  3. I like the crusty cheeses, too! But it’s kind of a pride thing when I’m able to make buns without making a mess, you know?

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