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Snack Mix ideas and Two days worth of lunches

on September 26, 2012

Since today was a short day, I only needed a snack-lunch, so I packed some snack mix and a small sandwich made with a sliced Hawaiian roll with some ham and cheese. It’s deconstructed to it would fit in the sandwich box.

I love this set, I found it in a craft store. I purchased the parts separately, hence the monkey bag instead of the matching kitty. It was a bit TOO pink even for me.

I thought the monkey was just aDORKable!

And you see, it all fits!

Hello, um… kitty!

Tomorrow’s lunch is leftover from today’s dinner, stir-fry veggies and meatballs. I don’t like to sauce my food until I eat it, so I packed some soy sauce for when I do.

I love using onigiri boxes for other uses!

The rice is nifty, I mixed in just a little Emperor’s or Forbidden black/purple rice, dried mushrooms and a sprinkle of wakame/umeboshi topping before cooking. I love using just a little of the purple rice for a color punch.

I won’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning, so I’ll pack a yogurt as well. I guess it’s time to break in my new plasticware set! I also bring homemade iced tea to drink.

My snack mix is easy to make. I found Goldfish brand snack cookies on sale, but you can use Teddy Grahams, animal cookies, or whatever you like, even cereals.

This particular mix is:

1 part cookies (chocolate chip and cookies & cream)

1 part pretzels

1 part mixed nuts (any kind, or just peanuts)

1 part dried cranberries

You can also use chocolate chips, mini M&M’s, any kind of dried fruit. I like one part each of the different flavors for good mixing.

This mix is nice and filling, not to mention something that I can munch on all day.



One response to “Snack Mix ideas and Two days worth of lunches

  1. I like my onigiri container for trail mix too! Yummy!

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