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Shpadoinkle! Weekly… Mameshiba!

on October 14, 2012

Hello, All! Welcome to Shpadoinkle! Weekly, where I talk about something that makes me say… Shpadoinkle!

Today, I want to talk about Mameshiba.

Cuteness Overload Warning!

For those who know, yes, they’ve been out for a while, but they’re just so darn CUTE! Especially the babies!

For those of you asking: What’s a Mameshiba?

Mameshiba is one of the many cute things that the Japanese use to distract us from our everyday lives. Mame means “bean” and shiba is a dog breed. This breed of dog called Shiba is indigenous to Japan, as well as a smaller shiba actually called the “mameshiba”. Anyway, the marketed concept is a cute, talking “bean-dog”. There are usually a lot of puns involved. Each bean has his/her own personality.

Anyway, they were first introduced with a set of videos there they pop out while someone is eating and offer a bit of crazy trivia after saying “Nee, Shitteru?” (Hey, Do you know?) The bit of trivia usually leaves the unsuspecting witness quite disturbed.

For the videos, you can see them on the Official Website Here or see them on YouTube here.

Then there are the Babies that got released last year, SO CUTE! Here’s a link to the Japanese site showcasing the babies, and a YouTube playlist with some of the BabyShiba videos. If you’re not in Japan, you can’t see the videos from the official source, at least not until the babies are released worldwide. We were watching an anime and discovered the translator had left in this commercial due to extreme CUTE!

BEWARE: if you’re not careful, the song WILL get stuck in your head!

So anyway, during my spare time this summer, I made a new pencil bag. It started out simple using a skirt zipper and leftover fabric that was used to make a kitchen curtain. (I cheated and used tablecloth fabric to avoid having to hem it, plus it was on sale SUPER CHEAP!

Here’s the inside-out view, showing the zipper and stitches.

And the right-side-out view, pre-embellishment.

Embellishment was desired. I wanted to add a Mameshiba onto it. First, I decided on the Edamame Shiba, found the style I wanted to make and printed it at the right size to test.

Yeah, my printer is crap, but I needed a template, anyway.

Next, I went out and got as many different colors of green felt as I could get my hands on, luckily they were on sale.

It took a while to find this many different shades of green!

After my excursion and matching colors as best I could, there was a frenzy of crafting that had Hubby hiding in his room. Scissors, markers, craft glue and sewing, Oh My! (We found felt in the oddest places for the next few days.)

The result?

Cute-ification, complete!

And Look! He even comes out, thanks to a ribbon! I also made a larger buddy to hang off of my school bag or purse.

The bigger, solitary bean can hang off of anything the ribbon can clip to.

*sigh* now the BabyShiba song is stuck in my head again… “Baby, baby, baby Shiba!”


2 responses to “Shpadoinkle! Weekly… Mameshiba!

  1. Oh my. I’m practically dying of cuteness overload. And your patience for handstitching – I’m very jealy! :) You’re very talented.

    • I’m not really THAT patient… But thank you.
      I had to walk away a few times due to frustration because I was determined to actually get my stitches nice and even for a change, due to their visibility. If this was a larger project, I woulda lost my mind.
      The zipper stitches were used as practice for the bean. If you look carefully, I’m sure you can guess which side was stitched on first.

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