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*sigh* another posting delay…

on October 21, 2012

Let’s see… 3 tests in 1 week, 4 papers due within 10 days…

What a world!

But I just have to make it ’til December!

Anyway, I’m not leaving you high and dry, I’m just a bit distracted. I had high hopes for my most recent posts, too!

Anyway, here’s a bento for ya.

Lovely autumn themed bento

This features my nice purple rice made by mixing in just a little black/forbidden/Emperor’s… whatever it’s called rice, umeboshi and nori leaves. I found a paperpunch on sale, and yes, I know, that can be dangerous. But I’ve used it twice, and only for my lunches. If I’m the only one who gets sick, then it’s my fault.

The other side features steamed veggies with leaf-shaped baked tofu, another recipe that needs to be added to this blog…, but time is short.

I also made some easy pickles with sliced cucumber & carrot sticks with Italian dressing mix, hold the vinegar, add salt, nice and tangy!

Pear slices round it out with sweetness.

Enjoy your week, everyone!

I’m going to try to survive mine!


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