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Mexican-Style Bento and Easy Guacamole

Finally caught up with everything for now, thought I’d share a lunch with y’all.

Sorry the cheese kind of obscures everything…

First of all, here is a simple bento made with leftovers from Taco Night. The three sections are: A mix of black and pinto beans, seasoned beef & Spanish rice.

The rice was made using a cheater method similar to the Guacamole recipe below.

Sections were separated with torn flour tortillas and everything was covered in shredded cheese. Yes, I know, my lunch looks rather brown. Not pictured are the salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips in another container. Red and Green!

My box was just a simple plastic container with a relatively tight lid.

So, how to make lazy Guacamole:

The container in the middle has lemon juice, by the way.

First, get a good, ripe avocado (or get one that’s still a bit firm and wait a couple of days).

It doesn’t have to be pretty, it’s all turning into mush anyway.

Then, cut it open and remove the pit. Mine was VERY ripe and the pit flew out onto the floor…

Next, scoop out the avocado insides into a bowl.

There were a few brown spots I had to dig out. Waited too long on this one.

The next few steps can happen in any order:

I mash mine first then add salsa.

Add a couple spoonfuls of salsa, lemon juice, pepper, whatever you like to season it. I also use some premade lemon salt/pepper.

I love the tartness of lemony salt and pepper!

Mash with a fork until it reaches a consistency you like.

Taste it. Does it need more seasoning?

Want to make one avocado spread farther? Turn it into a dip? Add some sour cream or mayo as filler.

Beautiful, easy guacamole. One avocado is supposed to be two servings, but who can stop when it tastes so darn good?

Now it’s ready for eating!

*Note: too much red salsa can make your guacamole a bit unappetizing as it changes the color. You can use salsa verde if you like lots of salsa in your guac.

Want to make lazy Spanish rice?

Start with some cooked rice, leftovers work great because the grains can absorb more juice.

Place however much you want into a pot or microwavable bowl, we’ll just be heating it up, not cooking it.

Stir in enough salsa to make it an orange color (feel free to add more salsa if you like after warming, just don’t let it get runny). Warm it up and you’re done! You can add some fresh cilantro or throw in vegetables such as peas, corn, etc. but technically it won’t be Spanish rice anymore, more like succotash.

There you go, two of my lazy fixes that help me avoid actual cooking. I’ve found that salsa’s premade combo of tomato, onion, garlic and other spices make it a great way to diversify my pantry without having to keep tons of extra foods on hand that I rarely use.

Hope you enjoy!

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When I should be writing reports…

Okay, I’m bobbing off when I should be writing scientific reports and studying for exams, but there will be a few changes as I play with new layouts and themes.

Currently considering Brand New Day as my new theme.

Some of the pictures are a bit offset for some of the posts, but I’ll leave it alone until I decide I like it.

In the meantime, time to write about fishes.

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(closed) Cooking With Dog: Cute Cutter Giveaway!

(I had to edit this since the giveaway is now closed. but if you haven’t seen Cooking With Dog, you should!)

One of my favorite YouTubers is giving away cute cutters.


The name: Cooking With Dog, has nothing to do with eating dog.

The dog is the narrator while Chef creates her wonderfully delicious-looking dishes.

I was surprised when I noticed the giveaway and had to submit my reply immediately.

Just figured I’d share! If you’ve never seen this show, it’s a great tutorial of numerous Japanese foods!

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