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Eating My Mistakes: Chocolate Avalanche Roll Cake

on December 26, 2012


Another delicious kitchen mistake. This time? Roll Cake.

I knew THIS was too much to hope for...

I knew THIS was too much to hope for…

If it had come out like this, or even this, I would have been thrilled.

But THIS seemed tantalizingly within reach.

I’ve been dreaming of delicious, fluffy, cream-filled roll cake since last year when a friend in another state mentioned wanting to open her own bakery. Until now, I’d never tried it. I’m not one for trying to bake from scratch, and my current kitchen is neither properly equipped or of sufficient size to pull it off. The last time I tried anything fancier than cupcakes, the results went terribly, terribly wrong. Petits-fours with nasty, see-through icing and crumbly bits everywhere were not appetizing. No, I don’t have a picture. (Thank god, it was before I started blogging.)

So when I decided that this was to be my Christmas dessert, I asked Hubby: “So, if I make an ugly cake, will you eat it?” To which he replied, “Will it still taste good?” My affirmative answer received a positive reply, so off I went to research making roll cake from a box. This was an arduous task, with lots of digging and contradictory suggestions. Pre-roll the cake, don’t pre-roll the cake, modify the recipe, don’t modify, etc. etc.

What I did get out of it: Don’t over-bake, roll with a kitchen towel dusted with powdered sugar. Don’t roll until it’s cool. Bake it thin. With thoughts of how I wanted to fill my roll cake, I baked the cake following box instructions, except for the timing, as it cooks even faster in a jelly roll pan (actually a cookie pan with high enough edges) than cupcakes do. My mix was some kind of double or triple chocolate mix from Duncan Hines.

I decided on the pre-roll method and used plastic wrap along with my towel in the hopes of making cleanup easier. As the cake cooled, I once again thought of how to fill my lovely cake. Chocolate icing, cut with whipped cream, and cherries. MMMmmmmm… Black Forest Roll Cake. But just in case, I waited to whip the cream, as I knew there was a chance the cake would crumble.

Alas, I was correct. As I unrolled the towel, about halfway down was the first crack. The closer to the center of the roll I got, the more breaks I found. Oh well, at least the cake would taste good. Armed with just chocolate icing, I iced and re-rolled my creation, placing it on a tray lined with foil.

Not too bad for a first attempt, huh?

Not too bad for a first attempt, huh?

During the day as it sat, it turned more into an avalanche than a cake.

Thank goodness I wasn't planning on serving it to guests!

Thank goodness I wasn’t planning on serving it to guests!

But it still tasted great. If I raised the foil sides, it almost looked pretty. I think the problem is that boxed cakes are meant to be fluffy, not strong, thus cannot take the stress of being rolled. I could have tried filling and then rolling, but I have a feeling that I would have been disappointed to see all my hard work split and crumble anyway.

Lesson? Don’t try to make pretty cakes until I get a proper kitchen and equipment. I should just stick with simple and easy… For now…

But one day, I will have my fully stocked kitchen. Then, I will make pretty cakes, cute cookies, and petits fours worthy of tea parties. Maybe.

Until then, I have a chocolate avalanche to eat through, straight off the pan with a spoon between me and Hubby. This could take a while.


10 responses to “Eating My Mistakes: Chocolate Avalanche Roll Cake

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Gosh, This looks so outstanding! =D

  2. sweetaddict says:

    Looks like it was delish. I just made my first rolled cake this year, it was pumpkin, and i’ll try chocolate next.

  3. Taste, ultimately, is what counts! I agree that boxed cake is too spongy and soft – although I haven’t ever jelly rolled one. A pretty tasty mistake :)

    • I have been watching cooking shows and have seen so many Kitchenaids I’m jealous. I wanna make genoise, darnit!

      • I got mine on eBay, refurbished. It would have been over $500 new, but I got mine for about $160, as it’s the professional model with all metal inside. It will probably outlive me! I would say that it’s worth every penny – it’s awesome for bread, cakes, icing and even mixing meatloaf… Really well worth saving birthday money etc. for.

  4. angrygaijin says:

    When life gives you smooshed cake – make an avalanche!

    I like it! I bet it tasted killer! I’ve never really needed my cakes to look good. I’ve had some pretty crappy cakes that look fine. It’s the love and effort that goes in that counts – I really think that. ‘Sides, if you call it an Avalanche Cake, you can act like you did it all on purpose! Being a poor baker myself, I would totally want to try something non-daunting like this. :) I say, “marketing campaign!”

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