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Shpadoinkle! Japanese Commercials

on January 6, 2013

There are plenty of things I could have written about, but I want this to still be relevant.

The Japanese make the best commercials in my opinion! They’re something I miss when I do manage to watch a few Japanese shows… they always take out the adverts. But that’s what YouTube’s for! People have gone and made compilations of current commercials for our viewing pleasure!

These are the Japanese end-of-year commercials. The user that uploads these does them every couple of weeks or so! Also, this user doesn’t use a commercial if it’s in a previous compilation, so every commercial is different!

Featured in this set: cell phones, video games, pachinko parlors (Don’t miss the one starting at 1:33!), snacks, anime, music, convenience stores, and more!

I swear, American commercials aren’t as good because they save the best ones for the Super Bowl, and lately they just haven’t been as good even then.

Anyway, some of my favorite commercials include:

Spaceman Jones! (there are more videos in the user’s list!) These were actually hard to find on YouTube, took me a while to find the right search string.

Another of my favorites are the Kappa Sushi series, where this guy is so engrossed with his great sushi deals, he completely ignores the cute little aliens! (Another hard to find set, included are individual links!)

(A few more Kappa Sushi commercials)




Also, did you know Japan has Aflac? (Although the newer commercials feature some crazy maneki-neko-duck… thing and he rarely says “AFLAC”! anymore…)

So, do you have a favorite commercial? It can be from Anywhere! Let us know BELOW!


7 responses to “Shpadoinkle! Japanese Commercials

  1. angrygaijin says:

    Hahaha, awesome.

    Btw, how old is that Daft Punk song now???

    There’s one commercial for a cleaning product (I don’t remember which) but there’s a foreigner guy and a Japanese guy and I the latter is explaining his product by saying something like “びっっっっっっっっっった!” and he opens his eyes wide when he says the “た!” I just love his expression there.

  2. So, you’re familiar with Japander then? The Schwarzenegger ones were out-there.
    There’s another decent one with Pocky, from around 2005, but I can’t find it right now.

  3. Happy Yuan says:

    I watch less TV (much PC). When I watch TV, I watch recorded one and skip commercials. But I know funny commercials exist. These videos made me realize it again. Thank you for sharing.

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