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*Alert* This blog is not about food, but books with sexiness on the inside! (Secret Shpadoinkle!)

Wow, I really did stall out for 6 weeks without updating!

Sorry, folks, it’s been… bla. I’ve got a severe case of University Senioritis and my schedule filled up much quicker than expected due to my job.

Also, I haven’t been cooking much other than easy/quick normal stuff and I really doubt you want to see a picture of a fried bologna sandwich, even if it was made with a fresh loaf of French bread. Mmmmmmm… fresh baked bread…..

Anyway, what have I been doing in my free time? Reading. What have I been reading? Modern Fantasy Sexiness, that’s what. I’ll list a rundown of my reading list so you can see what I mean.

Karen Marie Moning: Fever series. This was a wonderful adventure into modern fantasy. Our heroine is unknowingly drawn into the world of the Fae in Ireland. (Somewhat predictable but oh-so-fun!)

Kim Harrison: Hollows series. (One of my FAVORITE series!) Featuring the feisty, bad-decision-making redheaded witch, Rachel Morgan. This is an alternate-reality modern fantasy with plenty of action. (The first book was not as well written as the rest of the series, but the characters were good enough to draw me in!) Oh, and she’s a fellow WP member as well!

J.R. Ward: Black Dagger Brotherhood & Fallen Angels series. (A new favorite!) I was apprehensive at reading “yet another vampire series”, but even Hubby liked it! Completely smutty, with Both male/female perspectives! Also, there’s tons of action. Without the smut, the books would be about 1/2 the size, but still VERY readable! If you want to test the waters with a lighter smut/higher action ratio, start with the Fallen Angels, but they’re in the same world and the Angels don’t start until after book 8 of the BDB. (The BDB books are Very Hot, but the whole idea of linebacker-sized alpha-males with.. *parts*… ahem… the size of telephone poles… is a bit much.)

Charlaine Harris: Sookie Stackhouse series. I honestly have stopped watching the HBO series True Blood due to the extreme deviation from these books. (Although Lafayette and Tara are two of my fave show charas!) And I started with the TV series! I’m glad Charlaine is ending the series, because lately it hasn’t seemed like her heart was in the last couple of books. (That reminds me, I need to finish reading Dead Ever After!)

Honorable Mention: Cassandra Clare: Shadowhunter series. Yes, it’s Young Adult modern fantasy, but I WILL be going to see the City of Bones movie when it comes out! I cried like a baby at the end of Clockwork Princess. And while it’s Young Adult, there’s plenty of sexy, you just have to fill in the blanks!

~I will keep updated when the mood to do something truly interesting arises.

In the Future: post-grad trip to Vegas! Woo-hoo!