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Need to re-organize my blog

on July 11, 2013

Hiya, all, still working on the Vegas post. In the meantime, you know you need to do something about your blog when you have trouble managing your own posts.

Now that my post count is over 50, I really need to sit down and figure out an organization system.

The problem is many of my posts deal with multiple subjects. If I go with organizational tabs, do I have to include the same post in multiple tabs?


And I’m not willing to go “pro” and pay for the upgrades as this is mainly just for fun and I don’t get enough hits to monetize anything.

Hubby paid for an actual website a year ago (through WordPress), but after he let the subscription lapse (after numerous attempts to cancel the subscription) he got charged with over $100. At least he got to keep his free blog.

I’m still with GoDaddy with an actual dot-com, but it’s just sitting there and has for years. They have a free blog system, but should I switch or stick w/ WP, maybe link over from the dot-com?

Ahh, too many things to think about!

Other Bloggers: What have you done to help keep your blog organized?


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