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Shpadoinkle! Goldfish Puffs

on July 31, 2013

Aaahhh! I’ve started my new job this week and my brain is exploding with all the stuff I have had to learn.

Time to unwind with my newest find for snackin’: Goldfish Puffs by Pepperidge Farms.


I’ve loved Goldfish crackers since I was a child, soaking those smiling orange crackers in soup or nomming them by the handful.

I noticed these babies after the 4th at Walgreen’s and HAD to try them. Unfortunately, all I’ve been able to find so far in the individual size is the buffalo flavor, so I have no clue what the other two flavors, Mega Cheese and Cheddar Bacon taste like.

If you like the smell and flavor of Buffalo Wing sauce but don’t like the heat? Then they’re not that bad. Definitely not very spicy and the sauce flavor is a bit muted. You can tell their coating has a cheese base, so I expect the cheese-based flavors to be more true-to-label. The corn puff flavor is pretty strong, but I like that.

I liked the firm texture and crunch to them, and they’re much denser than a cheesy-poof, less crunchy than a Cheeto. Less orange powder on you fingers, too. These guys are bigger than Goldfish crackers, but not too big for small hands or mouths.

Close up of the little critters

Close up of the happy little critters

Some come a little wrinkled or deformed, but that’s the nature of shaped foods, especially ones that puff, they’re not always perfect.

All in all, I liked them, but will avoid buying the larger bags due to my general lack of self control. If I can find the other two flavors in the small bags, I’ll be a happy camper, as Buffalo isn’t my fave flavor. I like it, but I don’t always want that strong, aromatic, vinegary tang. Bacon, however… If they manage to get that flavor right… Well… I might just buy the big bags after all.



I broke down and bought one of the bigger bags of Mega Cheddar. Yummy!

It’s all mellow and flavorful, not tangy like Cheetos. Love, Love, Love!


One response to “Shpadoinkle! Goldfish Puffs

  1. My son and I are heading to Idaho next week – will definitely pick some of these up for him to snack on :) Thanks for the review!

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