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What ding-dong is dinging my dong? (and celebrity look-alikes)

I should explain…

At my new job (the same job that has kept me in blogging limbo since Summer) there’s a locked door with a doorbell so that I know when someone wants in. This week, painters were supposed to come by and proceeded to mash the hell out of the darn doorbell. I opened the door, stating “What ding-dong is dinging my dong?” We laughed, then I paused with an uncomfortable look, realizing what I just said. I think it was even funnier for the painters because I’m female. (If you don’t get why this is funny, then you’re not sick in the head enough.)

Just another example of me opening my mouth and letting my darn foot fly in.

But anyway, the real meat and potatoes to this post is about celebrity look-alikes. You know, when you’re minding your own business, you look around and notice that the guy perusing the organic apples looks just like that guy from that movie/tv show/band? This happened at an alarming rate during my University years.

(Sorry, no pictures of the non-celebrity people, for privacy reasons.)

First, (In honor of the Day of the Doctor going Global) was the guy in my Organic Chemistry class that looked like a 20-something David Tennant, glasses, fluffy hair and all. You know, the 10th Doctor?


This was before Dr. Who became so popular in the States, so no one really got it at the time. That classmate went on to cut his hair very short, which ruined the illusion, but he still had the eyes and chin. There was the occasional (private) look at him with fan-girly speculation. However, since both of us were married, I never even tried to go beyond class-mates/friends. (Self-control FTW!)

And then there was the Hagrid look-alike.


His beard wasn’t nearly as epic, but he was a BIG (tall) guy!


If he had shaved his beard, due to his youth, he’d probably look a bit more like Hugo from Lost, but not as… heavy.

Another one, less of a look-alike, was a guy that kinda looked like Thor. Yes, that Thor. The hair, eyes, facial hair…


I had even considered going up to him and asking him once who he was going to be for Halloween, maybe suggest a costume from the Avengers

And last but not least, my most recent addition to “Hey, You Look Like…” Misha Collins.


Yup, A new guy just moved in, looks remarkably like him. He’s a little bit shorter, lighter hair and a bit… softer around the edges, but the blue eyes, the smile, even a bit of the voice. And the scruffy stubble that he’s been sporting since he started playing Castiel in Supernatural. I doubt this guy has Misha’s crazy sense of humor, though. (Here’s hoping Misha’s rabid fangirls never find my blog…)

Have you ever met someone who looked just like a famous person?

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