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Hey, it’s Tuesday. Pig in a Poke!

My apologies for not posting in a while, but I don’t post if I don’t feel inspired.

What has inspired me today?


Hey, Tuesday. Pig in a poke.

For those of you that recognize this, congratulations. For those that don’t, go watch Supernatural, season 3, episode 11, Mystery Spot.

But what is pig in a poke?

Well, it depends on the region. I’m from the South, so it’s usually synonymous with “pigs in a blanket” which can mean anything from a sausage wrapped in a pancake to hotdogs wrapped in various dough, usually biscuits.

We wanted said pigs, so we dug some hot dogs out of the freezer and bought some crescent roll dough.


Yeah, that’s right, Baby, Bacon.

Let’s get started by opening up the can and rolling out the dough. You’ll notice it’s perforated into rectangles with a diagonal slit. separate the rectangles and push together the dough at the slit.


Then, place the hotdog in the center of the rectangle like so, and fold the dough over the dog. Feel free to pinch the ends shut.


You can also add cheese to the dough, but it may leak while baking if you don’t seal up all the cracks.


On the left is the rolled one Extra dough got pinched off an can be used to seal cracks.

Then, just bake according the the crescent roll directions!


These actually came out just right, cheese and all!


Get in mah belly

Enjoy with your favorite hotdog condiment, or just eat them plain, they’re so tasty!

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