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DIY Temporary Tattoos cheap & easy

on September 12, 2016

Ok, so I’ve been missing for QUITE a while! Apologies, folks.

I fell head-first into Supernatural fandom.

Speaking of Supernatural, September 13th is Supernatural Day.

To celebrate, I’m going to show you how to make temporary tattoos using your inkjet printer and sticker or label paper.

First, find some label paper or sticker paper, and remove the labels or stickers, leaving behind the shiny backing.


Next, go online and download the image you want to use as a tattoo. As long as your printer is inkjet, it doesn’t matter if it’s color or black/white.


Then, open your word processing software. Carefully paste/size your image in the document. If you are using words, or something that will look weird if reversed, make sure you FLIP IT HORIZONTALLY before printing.

Make sure your sheet is facing the correct way (print on the shiny side)!

Set your printer to Best Quality. Make sure your skin is clean and (mostly) dry, and that you are ready to place the tattoo right away. (I found that slightly damp skin helps with the transfer)

Print the image, and then carefully press it to your skin. Peel the paper off, and voila!


Temporary tattoo! Just wait for it to finish drying, or it WILL smear!

It’s that easy!


-water/soap/rubbing alcohol easily removes these, so expect smearing if you sweat or if clothing rubs against it.

-Each printer & ink will differ as to its stickiness, waterfastness, and non-toxicity. Check labels.

-I do not recommend using these on your face. Make sure it won’t harm/break out your skin before using.


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