Hikari's Food/Japanophile and Other Interesting Stuff blog


Hikari is not actually Japanese, just a Japanophile.

She was raised in the Southern United States in the Appalachian (pronounced appalatchin) Mountains.

Please treat her and her words with respect and consideration as you browse this blog.

For information on the meaning of Ko So A Do, please Click Here.

Thank you.


2 responses to “About

  1. the_lunatic says:

    Want to know why I now love you?
    Two reasons: 1) You leave AWESOME comments and 2) You share the name of my favorite kitty, which just happens to be the coolest name around.

    • Thanks!
      You mention being considered weird on your about page.
      Me, too! I would always say “Thank You!” Once, someone replied, “I didn’t mean it as a compliment” and I just said “But I took it as one.”

      There is a place for weirdos, and I guess it’s the internet.

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