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E4K is upon us!

Hikari, what the heck is E4K, you ask?

Well, friend, it’s this thing called Endure 4 Kindness, an annual event held by the charitable organization Random Acts.

Normally, a participant will perform some kind of athletic endurance effort, like running, bicycling, kayaking, etc. But I’m not particularly athletic. However, I am crafty, so I’m making paracord bracelets & keychains!


Choose a style of bracelet or keychain


Choose up to three colors depending  on your pattern

Bracelets are available in every style except helix & double helix. Keychains are available in all shown styles and colors.

There’s more donation & contact info on the CrowdRise page. Oh, and that’s the great thing! Since this event is organized by RandomActs, all funds donated go straight to them!


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New Content Incoming!

I have recently received coupons for:

Blue Apron


Hello Fresh

Not only that, but a friend has sent a generous gift package from Omaha Steaks.

Lots of new reviews on everything soon!

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